May 9th, The Beautiful and The Damned, hosted by Philip Cairns

May 9

The May edition will be hosted by the incredibly sassy Philip Cairns!

Philip Cairns is a Toronto-based actor/writer/visual artist. He began going to auditions at age 11. Philip started acting classes in Toronto with Jack Medhurst at age 13 then began acting in children’s theatre. After studying Theatre Arts in high school and doing school shows, Philip became a professional actor at age 21. He’s been doing small theatre (in Toronto, Peterborough and Hamilton), independent films, TV commercials and TV shows, ever since.

Philip writes poetry, performance-pieces, plays and short stories. His work has been published in Excalibur Monthly, Xtra! and The Body Politic. In Toronto, Philip has performed his own writing at “Plasticine Poetry” at The Central, “Oral Stage” at Paddy’s Playhouse, A Space, the Gladstone Hotel & the Theatre Centre. He was MC for “Sexy Words” at Lula Lounge and “Bent Expressions” at Press Club. He recently performed in “Hard and Able #2” at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, on the TV series “William Shatner’s Weird or What” and in “The Judy Monologues” (winning the Best Actor award at the London One-Act Festival) in an Ontario tour. Philip has exhibited his acrylic paintings, watercolours and coloured pencil drawings in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Toronto and Edmonton, most recently at The Secret Handshake Art Gallery in Toronto.

Our features are!

Edward Nixon has been in and about Toronto for far too long. So long that has a pack of matches from the place the Rivoli used to be. He curates and hosts livewords, a Toronto reading series. He’s published four chapbooks in the past 8 years. His first full length collection will be forthcoming from Guernica Editions in 2014.

Peter Lynch is a writer/performer/actor who has worked extensively with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, DNA Theatre, Platform Nine and other companies. He has performed his solo/ensemble plays at Rhubarb! and QueerCulture Festivals, the Theatre Centre and Paddy’s Playhouse. Most notable plays are The Magic Key to Colourful Conversation, Night Terrors of the Longshoreman and Ten Thousand Hells. His video The Narcoleptic Sex-Slave is available on YouTube.

and music by

Ori Dagan is the recent winner of the CBC Radio competition “Canada’s Next Top Crooner” and his budding jazz career continues to build exciting momentum. Dagan spent nearly a decade studying jazz formally before launching his debut album ‘S’Cat Got My Tongue’ which garnered critical acclaim. He’s played at music & jazz festivals across Ontario and his latest album, ‘Less Than Three’ includes sexy originals and re-imagined familiar pop songs and jazz standards. Peter Goddard of The Toronto Star says Dagan’s new album is “serving notice that a major talent is on the scene.”

Sign up for open Mic is at 7:00 pm. Spots are limited, sign up early.

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April 11th The Beautiful & The Damned! Hosted by Duncan Armstrong!


Duncan Armstrong is a poet, short-story writer & novelist who does spoken-word around Toronto. Check his blog for views, reviews and photographs.

This months features (bios to come):

SK Dyment decided to become a writer after meeting Al Purdy at age 6, who dropped over to the Hastings County farmhouse in his brown corduroys for a Guinness. Favorite writers inspiring the work include David Rakoff, Jan Kerouac, Ann-Marie MacDonald and Sarah Schulman. SK has attended the Kootenay School of Arts writing program and Trent University’s writing certificate, and has seen his published work in literary magazines such as Fireweed, This Magazine, and on the Buddies stage. SK loves complex political satire, and is listed in the Canadian Online Encyclopedia as an inspiring indy cartoonist. Steel Animals is his first full-length novel.

Clara Blackwood is a poet and professional tarot reader. Her first poetry collection, Subway Medusa (2007), was the inaugural book in Guernica Editions’ First Poets Series, which features first books by poets thirty-five and under. Her work has appeared in journals in Canada, the UK, and Israel. In 2011 her chapbook of tarot-inspired poetry, Arcana, was published by Aeolus House. Her second book of poetry Forecast, is forthcoming from Guernica Editions.

Natasha Jolly – She’s got The Power…

Imagine Pink injected by a dose of one part Nirvana and one part Evanescence and you get Supertash. While her songs are intended to empower, there is a dark and sultry influence to her stories. Raw emotion and real life situations are the fuel that she uses to create her strong and powerful lyrics. She has lofty goals and ambitions such as being a professional songwriter for other Artists besides herself as well as having some of her projects featured in Movies and TV. Her personal song catalogue contains over 100 songs and counting which means this is certainly just the beginning of many tales to be told by this bold and outspoken woman.

Supertash’s title for her recently released EP last November was based on the Mayan End of the World Theory for 2012. The songs chosen reflect what she feels the world is needing right now, empowerment, encouragement and love. With a focus on getting what you want while being true to yourself, standing up for yourself and loving yourself enough to do it. What will be the legacy you leave behind? Supertash says be your own superhero, Before The World Ends…

All The Beautiful and The Damned events are pay what you can.

For more information please email

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The Beautiful & The Damned, The Femme Fatale Valentine’s Edition


The Beautiful & The Damned, The Femme Fatale Valentine’s Edition

Hosted by your very own Femme Fatale Lizzie Violet, our February edition is dedicated to Femme Fatales. How fitting for Valentine’s Day!

The Beautiful and the Damned is a Poetry Cabaret every second Thursday of the month at Glad Day Bookstore on Yonge Street (upstairs)).

Come join us for a magical night of poetry, cabaret and decadence.

Sign up for open Mic is at 7:00 pm. Spots are limited, sign up early.

All The Beautiful and The Damned events are pay what you can.

Our February Features are:

Josh Smith – The brain is the sexiest muscle, and Josh Smith is Buffalo, New York’s weapon of mass seduction. From behind the exterior of a black-belt biker, Smith has exercised his creativity most of all, his work being published by the Buffalo News, Chrysalis Zine and Ploughshares. He’s featured across the northeast, including some of Toronto’s most prized stages. In 2012 he captured the Best of Buffalo award for Best Poet, and in 2013, joined the hosting team of the Art Bar Poetry Series.

Myna Wallin is a poet, a prose writer, and an editor. Her first poetry collection, A Thousand Profane Pieces, was published by Tightrope Books in 2006. In 2010, her first novel, Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar, also came out with Tightrope. Myna has edited a handful of books:  three collections of poetry and two anthologies. She’s read her work in Ottawa, Vancouver, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and in Scotland at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her poetry has received Honorable Mentions in both the Contemporary Verse 2, Two-Day Contest and the Descant/ Winston Collins Contest. This year she made the Descant shortlist again with her poem, “Happy Centenary, Mr. Lazarovitch.”

Myna is currently working on a second poetry manuscript tentatively titled, Death, Wildlife and Taxes. She met her boyfriend last Valentine’s Eve, 2013, so apologizes if one or two squishy sentiments find their way into her usually cynical, anti-romantic writing.

and our musical guest is:

Andrea De Boer – Andrea De Boer – Founded in 1998 by singer/songwriter and violinist Andrea de Boer, Toronto’s blueVenus is known for not only their captivating lyrical musings but also for their
polished but highly textured mélange of sounds. Described as “hypnotic and impressive” by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Germany’s national newspaper, de Boer’s voice is a blend of a sultry, bluesy Janis Joplin with the youthful wariness of Fiona Apple. Partnering with Juno Award-winners L. Stu Young to work on their 2004’s self- titled EP, and Matt DeMatteo to produce their first full-length, Grin, released in the fall of 2009, blueVenus has captured the attention of Canada’s most respected producers.

With a unique blend of Indie Pop/Rock with Jazz and Latin influences, blueVenus has received many prominent acknowledgments, such as nominations at the Toronto Independent Music Awards and an honourable mention in the 2005 Billboard Song Contest. Appearances include touring Germany and appearing at Turkey’s Rocklstanbul Festival along with Garbage and Megadeth and performing at Canadian and US festivals, like Midpoint Music Festival, NXNE, CMW, Indie Week and NMW-New Music West.

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“I don’t want to live. I want to love first, and live incidentally.” Zelda Fitzgerald

One of the posters I created can be seen on the big screen TV at Fuel +. It’s a popular coffee shop at 471 Church Street.


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October 2012 The Beautiful & The Damned – The Day of the Dead Edition/Día de los Muertos edition will be hosted by the spooktacular Lizzie Violet.

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life with more cowbell

Some very big fun times at Pride this year, chickens. And as I enjoy a day off to recover – so to speak, since I’m hanging with a friend this aft. – thought I’d take a moment to reflect and share some fun moments from the past weekend.

Friday night was Chic Productions Carnival women’s Pride dance at the Palais Royale. Always love going to that space and the Pride dance always sells out there – so the place is full of women (with us single gals tagged with glow-in-the-dark bracelets before they let us loose in the wild – optional). I met up with my friend Ty, her gf Liz and their friend Cathy, and bumped into a bunch of folks throughout the evening – some of whom I hadn’t seen in ages and some I usually bump into at the Pride dance.

With entertainment by Zero Gravity Circus…

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I have to confess that though I love Pride and the community progress it stands for, I also hate Pride and the massive opportunity to be ignored by more men at one time than my ego can take. Trying to stop and take in booths is nearly impossible with so many people wanting to do the same, or with booth operators more focused on their particular, & usually much younger, demographic.

BuDa at Pride2012 gave a great show under standard, but taxing circumstances – we were on at 3 p.m. during the hight of the Parade – the audience was sizable and responsive. Taxing included the sweltering heat, the unshaded stage, and for Amoeba Starfish – electronic equipment that ‘wilted’ under that intense heat.

They opened the show with a cooling ambient piece that Lizzie Violet slipped into easily. I always enjoy being reminded that chlamydia is not a flower…

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Cytopoetics Events

Holy cow, Toronto, this is going to be a crazy week in the world of spoken word and poetry slam in the region! With Pride getting underway this week as well as a flurry of events as the calendar flips solidly into summer, this is the time to get out and see something if you’ve been hanging out in the AC at your house/apartment/best friend’s place the last little while. Here’s what’s on tap for the GTA in the next seven days:


Loose Leaf Poets Poets & Writers converge once again on The Gallery Studio Cafe (2877 Lakeshore Blvd. W.) for their weekly open mic event. If you have words to share with others, this is a great environment to get your work out there! Showtime is 7pm. Admission is free.

The Glad Day Bookshop (598 Yonge St. near Wellesley) will be hosting a number of events as…

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