April 11th The Beautiful & The Damned! Hosted by Duncan Armstrong!


Duncan Armstrong is a poet, short-story writer & novelist who does spoken-word around Toronto. Check his blog http://topoet.ca/ for views, reviews and photographs.

This months features (bios to come):

SK Dyment decided to become a writer after meeting Al Purdy at age 6, who dropped over to the Hastings County farmhouse in his brown corduroys for a Guinness. Favorite writers inspiring the work include David Rakoff, Jan Kerouac, Ann-Marie MacDonald and Sarah Schulman. SK has attended the Kootenay School of Arts writing program and Trent University’s writing certificate, and has seen his published work in literary magazines such as Fireweed, This Magazine, and on the Buddies stage. SK loves complex political satire, and is listed in the Canadian Online Encyclopedia as an inspiring indy cartoonist. Steel Animals is his first full-length novel.

Clara Blackwood is a poet and professional tarot reader. Her first poetry collection, Subway Medusa (2007), was the inaugural book in Guernica Editions’ First Poets Series, which features first books by poets thirty-five and under. Her work has appeared in journals in Canada, the UK, and Israel. In 2011 her chapbook of tarot-inspired poetry, Arcana, was published by Aeolus House. Her second book of poetry Forecast, is forthcoming from Guernica Editions.

Natasha Jolly – She’s got The Power…

Imagine Pink injected by a dose of one part Nirvana and one part Evanescence and you get Supertash. While her songs are intended to empower, there is a dark and sultry influence to her stories. Raw emotion and real life situations are the fuel that she uses to create her strong and powerful lyrics. She has lofty goals and ambitions such as being a professional songwriter for other Artists besides herself as well as having some of her projects featured in Movies and TV. Her personal song catalogue contains over 100 songs and counting which means this is certainly just the beginning of many tales to be told by this bold and outspoken woman.

Supertash’s title for her recently released EP last November was based on the Mayan End of the World Theory for 2012. The songs chosen reflect what she feels the world is needing right now, empowerment, encouragement and love. With a focus on getting what you want while being true to yourself, standing up for yourself and loving yourself enough to do it. What will be the legacy you leave behind? Supertash says be your own superhero, Before The World Ends…


All The Beautiful and The Damned events are pay what you can.

For more information please email lizzieviolet13@gmail.com.

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About The Beautiful & The Damned

The Beautiful & The Damned is a night of poetry and cabaret that takes place the second Thursday of every month at the FABULOUS Zelda's!
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