The Beautiful and The Damned – Queer Dissident Voices

Sponsored By Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, this is a The Pride Toronto Affiliated Event and Hosted by DM Moore. Please come join us for a very special night!

Our Host:
DM Moore has been performing one way or another her whole life. She is a visual artist, writer, poet, musician, composer, actor, improv queen, singer, dancer and activist.

DM Moore worked in television and theatre in Toronto and after two summers at The Banff School of Fine Arts, moved to England to study at The Guildhall School Of Music And Drama. She spent the next 18 years working in theatre, television and film in the U.K. and Europe, before returning to Canada. Since returning to spoken-word she has workshopped with Jacob Scheier and Fistfull of Poems. She is very proud and honoured to be one of the founders of “The Beautiful And The Damned Poetry Cabaret”.

DM Moore is a proud member of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and is honoured that they are sponsoring this show.

Hamid Parnian is an Iranian translator, essayist and poet. He was born in 1982 in Tehran and studied philosophy and education. He came to Turkey as a refugee and spent 3 years there until the Canadian Embassy accepted him. He arrived in Toronto, Canada in 2010.

Hamid Parnian has been writing and translating queer issues in Cheraq (Iranian Queer Magazine) and other Iranian websites. One of his poetry books is published by Gilgamishan and is titled, “pour the pain over my body”

Ghadeer Malek is a Palestinian feminist activist and aspiring writer. She is co-founder of AQSAZine, an art collective of engaged, progressive and critical young Muslim women. She is especially passionate about combating gender-based violence in all forms and across all contexts and is a strong advocate of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign to end Israeli Apartheid.

Our musical feature is “Mraya” featuring – Maryem Tollar, Jayne Brown and Sophia Grigoriadis

Over the last decade and more, Maryem Tollar has built a reputation as a performer who can live and thrive in a variety of milieus. She was born in Egypt and raised in Canada with frequent sojourns in the Middle East. She performs classical/traditional Arabic music as well as her own original music. She was a featured performer playing ‘Ariana’ in R.

Murray Schafer’s Dora Award winning piece, “The Children’s Crusade” (premiered in Luminato 2009). She has toured across Canada several times with a variety of projects including her own ensemble; Christos Hatzis’ multimedia project, “Constantinople” and his large scale work “Sepulcher of Life”. She premiered “From the Song of Songs” by Christos Hatzis and commissioned by Tafelmusik in March 2008.

Maryem has sung on several film and television scores including the theme music for CBC Television’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie” and A.R.Rahman’s hit “Mayya Mayya” in the Bollywood movie “Guru”. Her CD “Cairo to Toronto” was nominated for a 2009 Juno Award in the world music category. She performed and created the live music in Heather Raffo’s “Nine Parts of Desire” in May 2010, a play about 9 Iraqi women, and was nominated for a Dora Award (Outstanding ensemble cast). In 2011, she collaborated with Natasha Greenblatt providing music, in her play “The Peacemaker”. Her music was adapted in Alumni Theatre’s production of “Trojan Women”, directed by Alexandra Seay. For more information about Maryem Tollar go to You can get her CD “Cairo to Toronto” by going to

Sophia Grigoriadis and Jayne Brown have been singing together for over 20 years. Their curiosity and insatiable thirst for musical experience has led them from Latin America, through the Balkans, to Greece and the Middle East.

For the past decade they have been collecting, performing and recording a wide range of Greek traditional repertoire with Maza Mezé (a group that explores the musical ties of Arab and Greek music), Diaspora (a traditional Greek ensemble), and Mraya (a women’s singing collective specializing in women’s songs from the Balkans and the Middle East). Jayne and Sophia have also worked together on Greek theatrical collaborations with Skazmos Theatre company, performing both traditional repertoire and their original compositions.

Sign up for Open Mic is at 6:30 pm. Spots are limited, sign up early

All The Beautiful and The Damned events are pay what you can. For more information please email

Follow us on Twitter – @TBandtheDamned and on Facebook @


About The Beautiful & The Damned

The Beautiful & The Damned is a night of poetry and cabaret that takes place the second Thursday of every month at the FABULOUS Zelda's!
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